Design & Technology

The Academy of Design & Technology strives to provide a platform for students to develop and enhance their creative, technological, and programming skills to achieve success in college and career in an evolving world. The Academy of Design & Technology offers the following career pathways:

  • Digital Arts and Design

A Message From Academy Principal Mr. Anthony Sewell

Welcome to the Academy of Design and Technology! Our academy strives to empower all of our students with the knowledge and capabilities to become successful and adaptable citizens in an ever-changing world. In our academy, students  have the opportunity to develop their skill set in technology and software applications. Students also have the chance to create products through hands-on experience which correlate with potential career pathways. In addition, students in the Academy of Design and Technology have the opportunity to earn industry certification and dual credit. No matter what academy you choose, all of our teachers will work tirelessly with each and every student to provide a quality education.