Mission Statement

The choral department of Hunters Lane High School aims to foster authentic singing, maintain an inclusive environment, strive for positive vocal self-images, encourage personal growth, and promote musical representation and exploration.

Let's break this down!

  • Authentic singing- singing in a healthy and true way; your voice, not an imitation of another singer
  • Inclusive environment- a place where all students feel welcome and valued, regardless of their prior musical experience
  • Positive vocal self-images- being able to hear yourself sing in a positive light; hearing from outside of your head and being happy with the sound produced; self-confidence!
  • Personal growth- positively changing in both personality and vocal sound; constantly striving to better ourselves
  • Musical representation & exploration- both the representation of music in the community as a respectable and valuable study, but also exposure to more worldly and diverse music to better educate ourselves about the beautiful world and cultures around us

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