Advanced Academics

Advanced Academic Opportunities at Hunters Lane

Hunters Lane High School provides students many opportunities to enroll in advanced coursework.

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves academically and take advantage of the opportunities listed below that best align with their postsecondary aspirations and goals. Many of these opportunities can be applied toward college credit to save both time and money in the future. 

Metro Schools encourages all students to consider pursuing challenging courses. Advanced courses can open future doors, be rewarding intellectually, and help students stretch themselves to reach their potential. 

Parents of students who enroll in an advanced academic course have the option to request that the student be removed from the course prior to the end of the first grading period.

At Hunters Lane, students can work with their school counselors to learn more about and enroll in the advanced courses listed below.

Advanced academic courses fall into these categories:

  • AP — Advanced Placement courses, which allow students to take courses in many different subjects and then complete an exam in May to potentially earn college credit.
  • DE — Dual Enrollment courses, which allow students to earn college credits by passing a college course, most commonly offered through Nashville State Community College.
  • DC — Dual Credit courses, which allow students to earn college credits by passing a college exam.
  • IB — International Baccalaureate courses, available at high schools that offer the IB Diploma Programme.
  • IC — Industry Credential courses, which prepare students to pass an industry certification exam.

To learn more about these Advanced Academic courses and other opportunities, including Dual Enrollment courses offered through Nashville State Community College and Tennessee's AP for All program, visit the  Early Post-Secondary Opportunities webpage.