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At Hunters Lane High School, we pride ourselves on creating a space where all ideas are accepted and respected. Theatre is about individuality. Theatre class is an excellent way for students to learn who they are and how they can better relate to those around them. Theatre also teaches crucial skills to students: working with others, working as a team, and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Students are expected to participate in all aspects of work in each course. Students will learn about theatre history, acting, movement, improvisation, and careers in theatre in each course. The goal of our program is to allow students to choose their own path in theatre. By allowing our students to focus on the aspect of theatre that intrigues them, each student chooses their path within our program.

We are rebuilding our theatre program from the ground up. With eager students and exceptional teachers, we are creating an environment where all students are respectful of each other.

All students BELONG in HLHS Warrior Drama. High school students are always worried about fitting in when trying new things. Everyone is nervous at first but know that EVERYONE wants you here in HLHS Warrior Drama.

Our department goal isn’t to act and to put on shows. Our department goal is to collaborate, create, experience, explore, and learn. Everyone has a role to play lighting, sound, props, acting, video, publicity, production management, assistant directing, and on and on.

Course Offerings:

Theatre Arts I

Theatre Arts II

Theatre III/IV (as needed/requested)

Technical Theatre (as needed/requested)

International Baccalaureate Theatre

In addition to our course offerings, HLHS Drama offers membership into the Tennessee High School Speech and Debate League and the National Speech and Debate Association.

Specch and Debate students at a tournament

Both groups provide opportunities for students to compete at tournaments against their peers from across the state in acting, debating, and speaking events. By competing in these tournaments, students will have opportunities to compete in regional tournaments as qualifiers for the National Speech and Debate Association Tournament.

Contact Information:

Ashby Boze

[email protected]

(615) 840-1601 ext. 452112